Another old film from the back of my freezer.

Storm clouds over towerUnknown film found in my freezer – marked in my writing  100asa B&W exposed: put it through Microdol-x 1+3 and gave it Ilford FP4 times.
Used the first 3 frames for a clip-test in case I could tell from the markings what film it was (it had been loaded from a bulk roll and the canister was a reusable one) but no clue other than frame numbers. Looking at the subject matter, it was probably from the early 90’s prior to the Nizwa – Muscat dual carriageway as these palm trees are now protected by a flood defence wall.

I keep my films in plastic freezer boxes with a small packet of silica-gel, but this one along with a couple of E6 films, had escaped !

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