My new friend – Nikon F with Ftn finder.

Nikon F with FTn finder.Ignoring the fact that I have more cameras than any sensible person should have – I have acquired a  1973 Nikon F (S/no says manufactured between JUL 1973 to SEP 1973) with an FTn finder.
Wanted one of these cameras for years, but would not (could not) justify the prices being asked – but this was a sensible price and more importantly, in good condition & with a working meter system: not bad for a camera nearly 43 years old !  Thanks Freyja  🙂

The only thing I found was that the meter seemed to be about one & a half  stops out, but consistently over many different ‘f’ & ASA settings: which meant the ring resistor was probably just dirty. Or it had been modified to take the modern equivalent of a 1.35volt mercury battery (several methods available – all unknown on a newly acquired camera) suspicion aroused because it contained two mercury batteries that still indicated 1.3volts; how old were these I ask myself….. especially as they have been unobtainable for years.

As rumour has it that I am an electronics engineer, one of these heads should not be outside my capabilities for cleaning and minor adjustment; given the right documentation (find out were the access screws are hidden !!! ) under the top leatherette as it happens.

It turned out that at some point in time the battery-box  -lead wire had corroded and this being replaced along with some judicious application of Isopropyl alcohol  gave the whole thing a new lease of life, it now only reads about half a stop out compared to my Nikon D800.

All in all a happy bunny……….

17 thoughts on “My new friend – Nikon F with Ftn finder.

      1. Canon is best because the day I wanted to buy a SLR the local camera shop had a special offer on an EOS and two lenses in a nice silver case.
        All my stuff still fits going back to the late 90’s but I’ve never tried a canon from earlier than that.

        1. Almost the same; when I thought it was time for me to move on from the Zenit B I had been using.
          I now have several Nikon cameras – some gifts, some given when the person went digital and a couple I spent hard earned cash for.
          Gave my Daughter an AE-1P, liked the FD lenses a lot.


  1. Congrats! I haven’t used film in years but just can’t let go of my old F.

    BTW, have you ever tried the PMK film developer developed by Gordon Hutchings? It’s a two part liquid developer with excellent storage capabilities until mixed. It produces a unique edge effect and is extremely good at not blocking up highlights. It used to be my only developer wit FP4+ but works well with just about anything.

    1. Thanks.
      No I have never tried a Pyro type; quite often mix a Stoeckler variant two-bath developer though, for similar results with the Highlights. Chemicals are rather non-existent here in Oman, so bring stuff back from UK. That is difficult now with all the new regulations.


    1. I am very pleased – well apart from that is, the desire for a nice F (NAi) lens: now that would really compliment the Tri-x.
      No no, get thee behind me !
      I’ll be reading Don McCullin books next. 😎


        1. I have never looked for any of the F lenses upto now, although my F4 has the flip up latch so no excuse really.
          My next acquisition: that should keep me out of mischief for a while.


  2. I bought a well used one from a friend years ago and the meter was about 1 stop under consistantly. I just reset the ASA to reflect that. I remember being concerned that the finder was delicate but it really was more roust than I gave it credit for. After years of use I traded it for an FM, my all time favorite camera.

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