Nikon F – test film.

Nikon F - test filmFujifilm Neopan 400 @ box speed in Microdol-X 1+3. 22c for 15.5 mins with Kodak style agitation.
No filter, just a slight increase in contrast as compensation for image scan.

Ho & it was taken yesterday morning at Qurum Natural Park near Muscat – more of these later, as it is a lovely place for an
early morning walk & not a long drive from my house.

As an after thought for anyone interested: this was exposed using the camera meter, so I think my TLC has worked quite well.

6 thoughts on “Nikon F – test film.

    1. Yes, Microdol-x/Fuji Neopan 400 works well (worked, as both are no longer available >:D )
      The Film Developing Cookbook doesn’t give much for this film & developer combination @ 1+3, but remembered reading somewhere that 15.5 mins @ 22c with 2 inversions every 30sec worked… so that’s what I did.


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