My Canon Pro9000 printer – update.

I am a very happy bunny…………………………   🙂

Just back from UK with a new print head and my printer is back up & running. It would seem that Canon were aware of problems with the original Pro9000 mk1 head; Pt No:- QY6-0055-000 and replaced it with a QY6-0076-000 which fits both the 9000 Mk1 & Mk2.
Amazon had Canon 0076 heads at about 98 pounds sterling, a lot less than was being asked for the original 0055 heads !!! so on advise I took the chance of buying one and lo & behold the printer is back fully serviceable.



2 thoughts on “My Canon Pro9000 printer – update.

    1. Thanks Vicki,
      I must admit, it pleased me given that the printer was rather expensive here in Oman and a replacement of the same quality would make me cry 🙂
      Amazing what a quiet word with a friendly service agent will get in the way of information…..


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