Testing my Canon PIXMA Pro9000 printer (with the Mk II print head – long story which is on my blog somewhere) after it had been in storage for about a year. I am pleased to say, all it needed was a single head clean function carrying out along with new inks and now works perfectly. Not bad for a printer that was boxed-up in Oman, spent five months in storage there, travelled by sea and stored here in UK for another six months. The only packing preparation it was given was a clean, remove the inks and put the print head in its original foil pack with silica-gel, press out as much air as I could and seal with tape.  I am a happy bunny  🙂

I can now work on some prints for hanging on the wall of our new house, such as the one above from October 2013.
All I need is to decide what paper I will use: always had either Premium Fine Art Smooth or Pro Premium Matte (or their older equivalents) from the Pixma Pro range by Canon. But being back here in UK, the range of papers for both traditional darkroom work & digital printing are almost limitless. Bit like film, instead of hearing “gosh you don’t still use film do you?” I am spoilt for choice. It makes up for the (forgotten) dreadfully changing weather & very expensive fuel prices.

My Canon Pro9000 printer – update.

I am a very happy bunny…………………………   🙂

Just back from UK with a new print head and my printer is back up & running. It would seem that Canon were aware of problems with the original Pro9000 mk1 head; Pt No:- QY6-0055-000 and replaced it with a QY6-0076-000 which fits both the 9000 Mk1 & Mk2.
Amazon had Canon 0076 heads at about 98 pounds sterling, a lot less than was being asked for the original 0055 heads !!! so on advise I took the chance of buying one and lo & behold the printer is back fully serviceable.