Quartz striations.

quartz-striationsQuartz striations – Jebel Shams.

An update – these could be hard Calcite crystals given their luminosity: reading a couple of technical papers (see link below) on the geological structure of Jebel Shams would seem to indicate this.
I have limited knowledge on the subject of geology.

A pdf paper from GeoArabia: click the link & click again on the new page for document.
Evolution of fractures in a highly dynamic thermal

11 thoughts on “Quartz striations.

    1. The place is a geological wonderland, especially down in the Huquf area.
      I have a link for a YouTube video that gives some idea of its diversity: I will post in a moment.


  1. Wonderful. I’ve never seen quartz striations on such a scale. Wonderful image. great contrasts. Like Natures chalk marks? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Good afternoon (just – for me anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ )
      Thanks & good that you can see me again…… I wasn’t sure last time you popped in whether you were on the new system or the old.


      1. Hi David, Well, I’m using my new HP PC but still only accessing you via the Reader! Should I take a gamble and make a site visit?

        1. I have checked all my system & site: cannot find anything wrong. None of the others I asked has experienced your problems.
          When in doubt do nout is my motto: so stay with the reader if it works ok.

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