Stone Wolf trap – Jebel Shams.

stone-wolf-trapStone Wolf trap: Jebel Shams.

      These traps are quite common on the Jebel but very few are in perfect working order. This one on the other hand would only need the front drop-stone lifting and supported by a stick:  it would then be ready for the unfortunate wolf.

In case anyone is interested: it’s at about 9500ft & unfortunately for most people, in the restricted area.

Quartz striations.

quartz-striationsQuartz striations – Jebel Shams.

An update – these could be hard Calcite crystals given their luminosity: reading a couple of technical papers (see link below) on the geological structure of Jebel Shams would seem to indicate this.
I have limited knowledge on the subject of geology.

A pdf paper from GeoArabia: click the link & click again on the new page for document.
Evolution of fractures in a highly dynamic thermal