Muttrah – late 1980’s – more.

Muttrah late 1980s.
Nikon 401 with 35-70 mm f/3.3-4.5 lens. Kodak T-max 400.
Details as below with earlier images.

I keep finding old negatives & sometimes undeveloped film: I need to get my act together before I leave Oman next year !!

4 thoughts on “Muttrah – late 1980’s – more.

    1. Many thanks I will – lost quite a few from one neg file ring binder, when my house flooded several years back. Managed to recover some by soaking in a mild Photo-Flo solution.

      1. Hi David ,

        I hope you are doing well and being safe, I’m admiring your photos that you have published for Oman’s 1980s , I have created a group in Facebook called Oman’s 80’s &90’s I hope you can share with us your photos of Oman’s 80’s and 90s

        1. Hi, sorry but don’t have anything to do with facebook or most other social media.
          But you can take any images from my website for that specific project – observe copyright is all I ask.
          Thank you for your interest, David.
          Stay safe & well.

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