Testing a Nikon Df at night – Muttrah.

I have been testing a Nikon Df with its D4 sensor: these images were taken with the Nikkor 50mm f1.8AF G lens set @ f5.6.
All hand held at Iso 3200 apart from the water feature which was 10000 Iso (that is the correct number of zeros !) other than a little noise reduction & a small amount of sharpening, nothing else was done.
Raw NEF images converted to Tiff Adobe RGB then Jpeg s.RGB but no colour correction; the white balance was set on Auto 1.
All taken last night and never again, far more people than I like when out with my camera.

I don’t think I could do this using a film camera without many trials & tribulations.

11 thoughts on “Testing a Nikon Df at night – Muttrah.

    1. Only in big cities, but that’s because I spent most of my formative years living well away from towns & cities.
      Don’t like supermarkets for the same reason 🙂


  1. I must say that the result at such high ISO is amazing. I live in London and I love the city but it is becoming overwhelming of late. Really need a break from it all now.


    1. Don’t read this answer if you haven’t had at least two coffees this morning 🙂
      Anywhere south of Pontefract is questionable but London is horrible: It’s overcrowded, in some places dirty and most of all expensive. The thought of walking around at night with a Nikon Df in my hands make me shudder & Heathrow as an airport is to be avoided at all costs.
      I did warn you ! 🙂

      Yes I was surprised at how good the Df sensor is at high Iso and with a little work in Lightroom I could get even better results. It will go all the way to 204,800 if really pushed although beyond 51,200 it’s not really usable other than if needs must.
      I wish I could find film that is this good at high ISO but as the saying goes ‘horses for courses’ they both have their place.



      1. Leaving here means nothing ever surprises you anymore so no need for coffee.
        You are so right. London is overcrowded, every is expensive and you work to survive and not to live and above all else you have no life and too busy to make real connections.
        I’ve pondering leaving for almost a year now but I really don’t know where. All I want to do is travel and discover more.
        I’m still working on my film skills but I agree that it would be great to have film at such high ISO.

  2. Looks like the Nikon and lens handled the light and colours well. With my limited eyesight I wouldn’t have noticed any graininess if there had been any.

    I don’t like crowds either and rarely go to the city centre now (and even more rarely do any street photography……the overwhelming smell of cigarettes and body products, noise and bright lights are so much worse these days).

    1. I was never one for towns or cities: my wife & I visited London a short while back & it was the first time in 20 odd years. As for Dubai out here – well they have lost the plot 🙂 so stay well away.
      I was pleasantly surprised how well the colours came through, with all the different types of lighting. A slight blue ting in one or two from the strip-lights but otherwise good. As for noise, being a film person 🙂 I can never understand the fuss unless doing copy work.


    1. Thanks,
      I could not believe the amount of people not to mention cars, no parking !
      Fortunately I knew an area behind one of the parks but even that was touch & go. The cool weather has arrived !!!!

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