6 thoughts on “Birkat Al Mouz – The old & New.

  1. Hi David, we have both been blogging for quite a while haven’t we, I just found one of your ‘likes’ from nearly five years ago, so it’s good to be greeted by your characteristic photographic style and subject matter! Characterised by poised compositions and lovely tonality….apart from the interesting subject matter! Race you to 2017!

    1. John,where has the time gone ?
      21/05/2010 was my first post and I thought I could probably find enough interest for a few month or so. Never thought I would still be going in 2016/17. So your kind words are very much appreciated.
      I think our styles come from a love of different cultures & viewpoints: a little bit of live & let live as well 🙂 I appreciate your people images very much, always difficult for me.
      I shall have a complete change in the middle of 2017 as I will be back in UK permanently. If I can overcome the expensive fuel costs and not being able to just stop and put a tent up without all the restrictions & bureaucracy, then I think I will keep this blog open and make a UK page.
      See you on the other side of 2017 🙂

      1. I shall miss your beautiful landscape and architectural images. Why not capture some local people in your last few months? It will be interesting to see what you select to concentrate on when you return home. Perhaps you will be attracted to the wild places of Wales and Scotland.

        1. Thank you – I am going to do a ‘Grand Tour’ of Oman before I leave so plenty more images yet 🙂
          Think I might get a Short wheel Base 90 Land rover in UK & Scotland is on my list (If you let me in by then) 😎


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