8 thoughts on “Old Sack – Birkat Al Mouz.

    1. Thanks,
      I am not sure the screen image does it justice: it prints well on matte paper but couldn’t get the subtle tones on the screen; no matter how I tried.
      Ho well, if it wasn’t a challenge it wouldn’t be fun.

  1. Many of your images make me feel like I’ve stepped back hundreds or thousands of years ago. As Terry (Montucky) says…..fascinating.

    1. I am pleased that people find it interesting – that was my idea when I first started this blog. Especially as I try going places that very few visitors see.
      I have been inspired by reading accounts of travels by: William Gifford Palgrave, J R Wellsted, S B Miles, et al. Fortunately for me, some of the places they visited have not changed a great deal since their time. People just moved to one side of the old forts & villages.
      There is more interest in the preservation of some of this history now the country has overcome the privations of the past.

    1. One of the things about Oman that tends to be forgotten by people (tourists) who visit; until the late 1970’s there was only a couple of miles of tarmac road in the whole country.
      There has been fantastic progress in the last 40 years; these abandoned places are not demolished, people just moved out.
      There was (to some extent still is) no theft, especially outside the big towns. So stuff just gets left – it’s not mine, don’t touch.
      The whole place is almost (in a good way) an open museum.

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