Dhofar No3.

Flamingos.Flamingos and the wrong lens (never the right lens when it is wanted !) ho well, it was nice seeing them.

It was a great week with lots of archaeological sites visited: Triliths which are unusual rows of stones from the Iron Age, within the period 400 BCE. – 300 CE. Rock Art from about the second millennium BCE.
Three trading centres of both frankincense and horses from around 1st century CE, and back to the 2nd century BCE.

6 thoughts on “Dhofar No3.

  1. TERRIF shot…and a fabulous journey. Oh envy BTW on a different “long ago”, good book “Under Another Sky” Journeys in Roman Britain. Just finished 2nd read. Nothing to do with travel but a smashing deep study of Roman occupation and sites in UK. Writing a fab balance of incisive and lingering. She knows her stuff. And great history bien sur. By Charlotte Higgins.

    1. Thanks – yes it was a good trip & lots of photographs.
      Looked at the book & put it in my wish list.
      Did you ever get down this end of the country ?

      1. Never did. Travel was very restricted due to terrorist activity. Mum too craved to see more but frustratingly stuck in Muscat and locale. Dad used to rave about the beauty of the Jebel and Dhofar. He was attuned to the magic of it. Not a romantic so I always found it interesting.

        1. Even if you could have gone, I think it is another place that you would be amazed at the changes.
          It still has its old world charm but there is a modernity about it that has only appeared in the last few years. If they don’t get carried away then it will be fantastic for both tourists & locals alike.

    1. I usually take a good selection when I go out & about. Packing food, tent & water because of not being sure of accommodation and giving some flexibility, I only took the minimum of stuff.
      I also didn’t expect to see them, should have known better 🙂

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