4 thoughts on “Mineral deposits – Dhofar.

  1. Oh wow that is super cool – just saw amazing crystal collection (HUGE crystals – size of cars) which included a twisty ropey calclification of muddy extrusions found near Versailles – whoda thunk it. Never realised crystals could be so large…collection of an American, can’t find him on google.

    1. Go looking & Ye shall find 🙂 even in remote overhangs.
      I did quite a bit of caving in times gone by & some of the sights are spectacular, especially when the head torch light catches them.

    1. Many thanks Marina,
      It just goes to show how isolated some of these areas have been. In a cave it can take eons of time for formations like these. This was just in a rather deep overhang at the top end of a wadi.

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