Mineral deposits – Dhofar.

Mineral deposits – Dhofar.Mineral deposits from a deep cleft in the rock: found while looking for Rock Art.

4 Comments on “Mineral deposits – Dhofar.

  1. Oh wow that is super cool – just saw amazing crystal collection (HUGE crystals – size of cars) which included a twisty ropey calclification of muddy extrusions found near Versailles – whoda thunk it. Never realised crystals could be so large…collection of an American, can’t find him on google.

    • Go looking & Ye shall find 🙂 even in remote overhangs.
      I did quite a bit of caving in times gone by & some of the sights are spectacular, especially when the head torch light catches them.

    • Many thanks Marina,
      It just goes to show how isolated some of these areas have been. In a cave it can take eons of time for formations like these. This was just in a rather deep overhang at the top end of a wadi.

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