Sand storm coming.

A follow-on from my earlier post of ‘Early morning light’ this greeted me one morning ! not a pleasant sight, it means everything gets a coating of sand, so no breakfast until it passes.

Sandstorms can last for a few minutes or several hours; the only way to deal with them if caught outside is either stay in your tent/vehicle or cover yourself and stay low hoping it passes quickly.
I’ve been caught by a few over the years, luckily I was either in my vehicle or tent so just waited them out. But on the odd occasion I was pleased that I carried a Masar or Shemagh as the Bedu traditionally use; it is not a fashion item when it comes to these storms, it protect eyes, ears & mouth.


4 thoughts on “Sand storm coming.

  1. I know that sandstorms aren’t exactly fun events, but this photo is incredible. It’s almost like watching a thunderstorm approach: you know it’s going to be bad, but the scene is so mesmerizing that you can’t look away.

    1. I know exactly what you mean.
      I gather from friends that Dhofar & later the rest of Oman had the biggest they have seen in many years, 25th May this year.

  2. I’ve never been caught in a sandstorm. (Normally. I have never traveled abroad.)
    I wonder what music would best fit the sound and feeling of a sandstorm. So far I only remember one fine piece, “Sandstorm” – Johnny and the Hurricanes. But I don’t know, I’ve never been there.

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