14 thoughts on “Gate detail No2.

  1. A beautiful and intriguing photograph. This sign would surely be an invitation in the US to enter, “private property” on the other hand would indicate keep out. Thank you for the lovely shot.

  2. Excellent image, David. I love that you spotted this great small scene with its variety of textures and details. I loved my Nikon 50mm but switched to Fuji mirrorless and miss that baby sometimes. 😊

    1. Thanks Jane, I like Fuji mirrorless as well, but love my Nikon film cameras. The fact that all my lenses are easily interchangeable with the digital cameras I have is a big plus. I do use a Fuji Xpro1 when I want small but my Nikon 35ti does just as well.

        1. Footpaths & private property/land is quite a controversial and complex subject in England and Wales. Scotland has different rules (less restrictive) but basically if the
          footpath is marked on a map, you are free to walk it and the landowner should not restrict access.

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