Difficult negative.

Bent old tree.
Yashica Mat 124G on Ilford HP5.

This was a negative that I was never able to print in the darkroom, I messed up the processing by using a rather hot stopbath by mistake. It caused mild reticulation & a slight increase in the film grain. I had filed the roll away and thought nothing more about it until I came across it again the other day, but nothing ventured nothing gained. Could I scan it and make a digital print that came close to my original visualisation ?

I used Lightroom and Nik software then printed it on matte art paper that has a slight textured surface, so although this Jpeg doesn’t give a true representation it’s close enough and I am pleased with the print.

3 thoughts on “Difficult negative.

  1. Definitely worth the effort. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone deep in the archives and found treasures that I didn’t spot the first time around, or that were disappointing to me in some way originally but were resurrected.

    1. I had a lot of UK/Cyprus/Germany negatives and slides filed away before I went to Oman. So it’s quite an adventure trying to put a name to the location and being able to scan and print them with facilities that were not available 20 or more years ago.
      The daunting task is that I have only made a small dent in those files, but it’s fun recalling memories.

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