I digress.

Reading Sir William Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England: and in book 1 “The rights of persons” I came across a quote that I thought rather pertinent for what’s going on here in UK at the moment:-

England can never be ruined except by a Parliament.

It was said by the lord treasurer William Cecil, 1ˢᵗ Baron Burghley (1520 – 1598), the chief advisor of Queen Elizabeth I for most of her reign, twice Secretary of State and Lord High Treasurer from 1572. (From The Encyclopædia Britannica).

For those wondering why I would read such a book, curiosity got the better of me after noticing it being refereed to rather a lot just recently.

6 thoughts on “I digress.

  1. We, here in Israel, are presently facing a situation where the institution of Democracy (so called) has gone awry. The two major political parties have polled minority support, and a number of minor parties are refusing to sit with either or both of the major parties. We are facing the third election in a year, and the public is terribly discouraged and has lost confidence in the structure of the political system. I don’t know how it’ll work out. But it seems to me that modern democracy has evolved and is no longer satisfied to be a system which determines the most popular leader. Issues such as ‘family rights’ for LGBT couples have become part of the democratic ideals, and I sincerely hope that my fellow citizens will find a way to build bridges across the great divide. I hope that you have found relief in the voter turn out in your country that finally produced a clear decision regarding the national direction.

    1. The problem since 2016 has been a reluctance of Parliament to implement a democratic decision. It was the result of what was one of the biggest voter mandates for many years. Parliament & the EU didn’t like the result. We cannot, regardless of ones political persuasion go against the demos otherwise we get dangerously close to a dictatorship. Today the people have made their views, once again, very clear.
      I have been watching both Israel and the USA and you are right, democracy is in a very fragile state: so it is for Spain & Greece.
      Let us hope it stabilises before some outside agency thinks they can take advantage of the situation.
      Lovely to hear from you Shimon, hope you are well.

  2. If things continue in our two countries the ways they’re going, Canada might gain a lot of new residents in the near future. Perhaps that’s been they’re plan all along…Canada’s been organizing everything!

    1. And so it goes.
      But I’m not sure you have escaped being plunged into political chaos, just like the rest of us, not according to your news & media.
      But we all live in hope I am sure.
      At least you can escape across the border if it all goes tits up, we have France.

      1. No, we certainly haven’t escaped political chaos! I honestly think that we’re watching the U.S.’ democracy crumble, if it ever existed in the first place.

        Canada actually seems like a pretty nice place to live, provided one likes winter. I know very little about France though, which I’d like to remedy one day; the individual French people I’ve met have all been very nice.

        1. I have known a few Canadians over the years and they certainly seem more grounded and happy.
          I like France very much but Paris like London, best avoided, a great shame because both had vibrant communities before the 1990’s.
          In thd end I think we are at the stage where the best thing is, just ignore it all and concentrate on family and friends otherwise we will go gaga. It seems it’s all FUBAR.

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