As the sun goes down.

As the sun goes down on a cold Autumn evening..

It’s nice to see that all my scheduled posts have been published, I have never used the facility before.
I have been away from Driffield over the New Year so internet has been rather haphazard; there is only one reliable provider in the area and it’s not the one I’m with.

8 thoughts on “As the sun goes down.

  1. That post scheduling is really quite handy, David. I’ve started using it occasionally too. Not because I am away from home, but because I have intermittent busy times when I’m off the computer.

    1. Yes it does seem to be, I used a mobile network rather than cable or fibre (no other option) late night or early morning gave a reasonable 3/4 G link. I was not going to stay awake in the hope my post would send.

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