Sawn tree trunk.

A sawn & abandoned tree trunk.

Another tree image I am afraid, it’s the time of year when they are at their best for being photographed and they don’t seem to mind the intrusion.

6 thoughts on “Sawn tree trunk.

  1. The knarled twists and turns of the wood grain certainly make for a great B & W image.

    I went through a period of fascination with tree bark when I was still living next to the Royal Botanic Gardens and spend a whole afternoon doing nothing but photographing the bark in the RBG of all the trees from around the world. I think the Montezuma Pine bark was one of the more interesting ones.

    Whatever the species, they make a fine photo.

    1. I was pleased that although cold, the light was good and I had the right lens.
      We have a few really good areas for walking in this part of Yorkshire, it’s just that the weather has been terrible for months.

    1. I alway enjoy being around trees, these are on Castle Howard Estate, the building of which began in 1699 and took more than 100 years to complete. They are well looked after and the older ones have certainly seen some history.

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