5 thoughts on “Seed head.

    1. Ha, that question presupposes that the Df does not fulfil my needs.
      I got a used d200 as an introduction to digital, my wife gave me a d800 as a birthday present, Nikon Oman gave me a good deal on a df before I left. So given the fact that I still like using my F2sb/F4 and have several non-Ai, Ai & Ais lenses, do I need an update, no.
      It has good exposure latitude, will give good resolution at very high ISO levels, takes just about every lens Nikon has ever made and does exactly what it says on the box.
      I, as you may have gathered, think it’s the best digital camera I have ever used. Canon and Fuji cameras I’ve used come close but none has given me the same confidence and enjoyment that I get from the df.
      Sorry for the long rambling reply.
      P. s. I would like an update or reintroduction of Fuji Neopan 400 if that was possible. 🙏🙂

        1. That would be a worthwhile update, but unlikely to happen unfortunately.
          The df was for a niche market that Nikon is probably not going to explore again. Especially when they are promoting mirrorless and newer fly by wire lenses.
          Ps. has anyone supplied a monochrome SLR?

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