A thought for today.

She lifts the lid. A dense mist rises from
the chest, and fills the room. PANDORA
falls senseless on the floor.

Yes, the moment shall decide!
It already hath decided;
And the secret once confided
To the keeping of the Titan
Now is flying far and wide,
Whispered, told on every side,
To disquiet and to frighten.

Fever of the heart and brain,
Sorrow, pestilence, and pain,
Moans of anguish, maniac laughter,
All the evils that hereafter
Shall afflict and vex mankind,
All into the air have risen
From the chambers of their prison;
Only Hope remains behind.

From: The Masque Of Pandora by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

4 thoughts on “A thought for today.

  1. Please forgive me my friend. I just had a perversely funny thought: I suspect the Lid Pandora lifted that released a dense mist was on a toilet (or we could politely call it a chest). And the rest of the poem describes how bad it was. No wonder she fell to the floor senseless. Which is why there should be a sign on every bathroom door saying “Beware all ye who enter here.” LOL You can delete this if you want. 🙂

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