I’ve not been doing much photography in the last few weeks; probably just fedup with all the restrictions we seem to have had placed upon us.
Although one bonus is that I have been reading a lot and listening to music on my headphones.

Here is a book that was sent to me by my daughter, a completely unknown authour. ‘Amor Towles‘ who published a novel in 2016 with the title A Gentleman in Moscow .

Click cover for Amazon link.

The story of Count Alexander Rostov who is brought before a Bolshevik tribunal in Moscow: condemned for being an unrepentant aristocrat. Saved from the firing squad by a poem whose sentiments seem to coincide with the revolutionary desire for change. Instead of being shot, he is sentenced to house arrest in his current place of residence: the Metropol Hotel. He returns to the hotel after his trial, determined to make the most of his reduced circumstances. As the reader, we follow the Count in his day to day life within the confines of the hotel.

Two quotes from the book:-

“The principle here is that a new generation owes a measure of thanks to every member of the previous generation. Our elders planted fields and fought in wars; they advanced the arts and sciences, and generally made sacrifices on our behalf. So by their efforts, however humble, they have earned a measure of our gratitude and respect.”
“For as it turns out, one can revisit the past quite pleasantly, as long as one does so expecting nearly every aspect of it to have changed.”

A book that I thoroughly recommend,


The music was Max Richter:

4 thoughts on “Trivia.

  1. oof… i hate lockdown!!!
    cool, will give it a read. not my type, but what’s the harm in trying something new?
    love always,

  2. Thank you so much for introducing this interesting work with us …

    I think, one good thing about the lock down is books are back in limelight again, may be quite an unexpected turn of events during this digital era.

    Even, my photography experiments are now confined to macros due to limited mobility options but I could read some interesting books too.

    The one I am reading now is, ‘The Silk Roads’ a new history of the world.

    Have a great day 🙂

    1. I hope you manage to read and enjoy it.
      There is something comforting about sitting with a good book and being able to forget the trials and tribulations of the world.
      We have lost so many good traditional bookshops here in UK, so I hope you’re right.

      A P.S.
      Just looked for the book you’re reading, looks very interesting and gets some good reviews.
      Will add it to my list, many thanks.

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