Farming – Wadi Al Hoqain.

Farming – Wadi Al Hoqain.

Date palms, sugar cane, the henna plant, along with animal fodder; all grown in this wadi, renowned for its abundance of water all year round.
There has been some form of settlement here from as early as the bronze age, maybe even earlier.
I have not been able to find any history about the fort, although commanding such a prominent place, it does surprises me that it doesn’t get mentioned – I’ve probably not looked hard enough.  🙂

Working my way through the book shown below, so with luck.

The countries and tribes of the Persian Gulf
By: Samuel Barrett Miles Pub. 1919.

Wadi Al hoqain.

Wadi Al HoqainWadi Al hoqain.

I left early this morning for Wadi Al hoqain: unfortunately, when I stepped out of the car & looked at the temperature, it was in the upper 30’s C.
with rather high humidity.
Not as enjoyable as I though it would be…. hay ho, cooler days will be here soon.  😎