Hasat Bani Salt or (Hasat Bin Sult).

Hasat Bani Salt or (Hasat Bin Sult).

A  block of limestone near Al Hamra; which has four near life-size human figures depicted in relief on its main face, these having been hammered out of the rock.

Age is not certain, but pre-Islamic and probably in excess of 3000 years old.

It has been disfigured at its base by graffiti! Terrible, because it is one of the most important archaeological finds in this part of the Middle East.

The carvings were “found” in the 1970’s by Coleman, a geologist who made contributions to the understanding of local ophiolites. This is why the rock is known also as ‘Coleman’s rock’.

The rock is at:


Drawing taken from Yule.P 2001.

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