Ziki (Izki) 2.

July 1957: at the request of the previous Sultan, RAF Venom jets flew 12 sorties against this fort; the results can still be seen.

Izki (Ziki or Zikki) was described by Colonel S.B.Miles in the year 1876 as having “some beautiful plantations of palms and extensive cultivation, and stands in a very picturesque location” he also described the castle as being of a lofty construction and walls some 5 feet thick.

It is claimed to be one of the oldest towns in Oman and the falaj ‘Al-Mulik’ alleged to be older than the one built by Malik Bin Fahm near Nizwa.

In 1682 the town was taken by Malik Bin Fahm of the Yaruba dynasty, as part of his campaign to stabilise a large area of the country.

Over the years it has seen many a conflict, either between sections of the town; occupied by two different tribes (which is never a good idea) or just  establish a power base.

In 1957 RAF Venoms stationed at Sharjah attacked the fort at Izki with rockets and cannon.

See this link for further interesting infomation on this campaign. Jebel Akhdar Muscat and Oman 1957-59

In 1970 there was a rebel attack near the town which precipitated the succession of His Majesty the Sultan.

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