Todays Walk.

Today has seen a wind blowing in from the desert with temperatures reaching 360c that’s a change of 16 degrees in a week!

A good walk though; because the gorge I was in gets quite narrow in places,  the sun does not reach right in until around midday so keeping the heat lower.

Lots of rock art and pottery shards, eventually reaching the abandoned habitation that I was heading for.

This looks like herding cattle?

Looks like ‘antlers’? So I do not have a clue!

I think these are symbols for the sun not ‘Wusum’ or tribal markings.

This one is well endowed!……

The broken cowrie shell – used in some cultures as currency, but in this case was probably a decorative item. Still, quite unusual so far from the sea. All found at the abandoned site in the next two images.

8 thoughts on “Todays Walk.

    1. Hi, I made those March 2012 so will check and see if my gps has still got the lat/long. Otherwise I will need to guess, I seem to recall it was a wadi just before Imti coming from Muscat.

  1. Thanks Dave – good day out and my phone does not work in the wadi – even better!
    It should cool down again in the next day or so when the wind drops (I hope!!!!)


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