View from camp site.

Evening Jebel Shams roadEarly evening at my camp site, during this Jebel Shams trip – well away from any tourist catchment area.

23 thoughts on “View from camp site.

  1. You do B+W very well. IMHO! I like this…the sense of space and distance. I expect in reality it is breathtaking! Liked.

    1. Thank you very much… unfortunately my scanning sometimes leave a lot to be desired. I still work with traditional Gelatin Silver papers and chemicals – wish you could see a print.


    1. Thanks Peter,
      I must reiterate, I am sure it was the Guinness………… 😀 actually it was taken on the same stretch of dirt road that the B&W sunset was made.


  2. This is a wonderful shot – one of yours that I click on hoping for a larger file, wishing for a closer look. But, that is not necessary to appreciate the photo – fantastic contrasts and processing.
    The tourists just don’t know what they are missing…

      1. I know what you mean, I have been blogging less than a year but have consumed 25% of my wordpress allocation – so, not long from now I will be facing an annual fee for posting photos, or will have the task of culling old posts.
        Also, I know my approach to blogging means that the post, or home page especially, can be very slow to load on a slow connection, but I have decided that at the current rate of change, slow connections will only be around for a few more years in most parts of the world, so I have decided to not worry about that.

  3. This is one of the best landscapes I’ve seen. Amazing clarity in the foreground contrasted with the mist-covered peaks of the background. Just fantastic!

  4. Very beautiful photo of this landscape, David. Love the way the mountains are fading away in the distance. One of your best, till now, that is… 😉

    1. Thank you Bente,
      I think I was drinking a Guinness by that time 😎 so maybe it helped with the previsualisation.
      Well it’s a long drive and I needed one……


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