10 thoughts on “Sap Bani Khamis – part of the village.

  1. This is very cool site – reminiscent of the American Southwest. Do you think these locations under overhangs are cooler in the desert? Or otherwise protected in some way? There is some purpose to locating a village in a spot like this. Have you ever talked to people on your walks about that kind of thing? If there are locals, there must be local knowledge, probably quite ancient.

    1. I think the first priority was water closely followed by security. Putting it nicely: the tribes were always falling out with each other so somewhat reminiscent of the Americas.
      In fact up until the 1950’s there had been two dominant power bases, each trying for the upper hand. The Brits at the request of the last two Sultans ‘intervened’…….the last being the early 70’s.


      1. Is it reasonable to conclude then that these village-sized overhangs are probably carved out by ancient or more modern watercourses – and thus they are near to water, and also tend to be defensible as well?

        1. Yes, in general that seems to be the prevailing thought.
          When it comes to very old places and structures then if the question is posed; the most often quoted answer is either “but they have always been there” or the ‘Persians built it”
          Unfortunately there is also a lack of knowledge about the significance of some historical items due educational constraints (not a subject for discussion here) But again the Sultan has slowly changed attitudes for the better and so heritage & culture have become much more important.


    1. Until the early 70’s, Oman had very little tarmac road, most travel between villages was either on foot or Donkey/Camel. The provision of basic infrastructure for even the most remote village has been an overriding priority for the Sultan – which is why he is so well liked.

      To answer your question: Old ‘Ordinance Survey Maps’ 1960 to late 80’s which I have collected at every opportunity. They show footpaths and remote villages, some of which are now long abandoned.

      Reading the works of early explores from the 1800’s to about 1960: then using a map and compass (GPS for local position – not navigation….) and walk!
      Sometimes I find great places sometimes I don’t, but a good day out anyway 🙂


      1. It must me profound experience for you to walk and find places like that. I´m jealous. (:

        1. There are not many places in the world that are safe enough, so I feel quite privileged being here at the right time: it is rapidly disappearing.


        2. That is bad. Does anyone cares for those ruins? They should be restaurated or something…

        3. Unfortunately the government has only just realised that there are people who have an interest in their history and will come here.
          Unlike Dubai which has shopping…..! Oman is waking up to the fact that they can take advantage of this interest. But sadly rather late for some sites which are so numerous, modernity maybe overtaking the archaeologists and preservationists.


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