14 thoughts on “Jabrin Fort.

  1. What a beautiful capture… There is so much goin on here 😀
    Images like this are the reason i recently delved into film…

  2. I would suggest to eldinsmille a better option would be to hire a tour guide, not a guidebook, and the 4WD, otherwise what happens when he gets lost in the desert?
    Anyway, love this photo. Simple, clean, good processing, minimalist. One of your better ones, I think, david.

    1. Thanks for the comment on my Jabrin Fort image, pleased you liked it.

      Actually when it comes to Oman; there is so much history from the stone-age right up to the 1970’s that he would take several years to see it all. Not to mention the geology or even just visiting the towns and forts.
      The desert is a spectacular place and yes quite hostile, but the chances of anyone getting lost (unless they are stupid) is rather remote. No one in their right mind, who is not familiar with it, would venture in there alone.


    1. Thank you – I was lucky not only with the light but timing as there seemed to be a lot of tourists who also thought an early start was a good thing.
      Not to mention the amount of looks I got because I had the Nikon F2 SB film camera in 2013 ! 😀


    1. Hi Eldin,
      Well worth a visit – but if ever you do come: get a good guide book and hire a 4×4 then explore yourself. Better and cheaper than most of the tour-operators.


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