Rock Art.


The above image shows what is almost certainly a Wusum found at a number of rock art sites and camping places: it gave the tribe a method of transmitting information about land and animal ownership.

The other interesting feature about the above depiction is the very obvious sign of someone’s attempt at adding their bit to an early image. (In many it is not so obvious and therein shows some of the difficulties ageing this art)


Another difficulty with these images is age, they can be very faint and so extreme side lighting is often required – for that read a ‘early start in the morning’ one thing I am not  good at……..!

3 thoughts on “Rock Art.

  1. Great to see some rock art from your part of the world. It is always difficult to photograph, because even when apparently in good condition, it seems inevitable that there will be worn or faded or otherwise unclear areas that are hard to capture.

    1. There is a considerable amount and now that the cultural sensitivities are being overcome, more of it is being investigated. Even Saudi Arabia is admitting they have some (mostly with the help of Dr Majeed Khan) an area little studied until now. Although is seems that this subject does not get the interest it deserves unless it is a high profile location.
      Or maybe I cannot get at some of the academic papers written about it…….

      1. My guess is that there is not much written about it. I get the feeling that rock art studies (other than Pleistocene cave art in Europe) have been out of fashion in the archaeological world since a big surge of interest in the 1970’s. There seems to be rising interest in the past few years so maybe more is going to be done. It would be interesting to know how old these are, but it can be extremely difficult to date them.

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