Antique Weapons found in Oman.


Oman’s historical military arms from Matchlock muskets of Portuguese origin (although some experts now think that many are of European-German origin: open to debate) along with Martini-Henry lever-action types. Combined with muzzle-loading cannon from the Iberian Peninsula and at least one that may have come from the English Commonwealth era, circa 1649 to 1660. Not to mention the vast number of ‘sharp pointy’ weapons; makes Oman a treasure trove for military historians.

4 thoughts on “Antique Weapons found in Oman.

    1. This was at the entrance to a partially restored fort on the edge of a large village.
      A lot of these cannon can still be found abandoned near ruins; although the ministry of culture are doing their best to collect them, as in this case.
      When I first came here you could still buy guns for relatively small cost that would be considered museum pieces anywhere in Europe.


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