10 thoughts on “A Deep Pool in the Mountains.

    1. I can tell you where there is water available in most places I visit (it may need a 4 hour walk 😉 ) but when this sight comes into view, it makes the day perfect.
      There was a time when this sort of place would be so remote that very few people would know about it and it would be guarded jealously , hence a lot of the watch towers.
      Now with the opening of the country it can be easier for the locals and visitors alike.


  1. Very nice – fantastic emerald colour in the water.
    It must be tempting to swim when you come on something like this on a hot day. Would that even be possible?

    1. Ha – swimming, well if I say that I do go for a dip in the more remote parts, but (put it this way the less I get wet the less I need to dry before the return journey 🙂 ) But in places like this with a small village near by and when the water feeds a Falaj system; on principle, I don’t.


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