Husn Al Heem (Nakhal Fort) No2.

Nakhal-Castle-toned-No2A slight change to the crop & framing from the previous one, I also burned in the fort a little more.

6 Comments on “Husn Al Heem (Nakhal Fort) No2.

    • No, I think I will just put it down to screen view as the silver gelatin print looks ok.
      On the first one I went from PC to laptop and thought there was the need for some change but….
      Hence the second one, which happens to be the crop I used on the print.


      • Sorry, I wasn’t commenting about your picture as such, simply suggesting there might be an additional option – e.g sepia toning. Your image has that wonderful timeless quality reminiscent of images of the early 1900s.

        • Ha – thank you because that feeling was and is what I quite often try for in my B&W film work.
          It was just a previous comment made by ‘mostlymonochrome’ that it looked like a model.
          Got me looking at it again (upside down and in a mirror – he was right ! ) so was thinking of ways to change the way it looked on the screen.
          I always like critical comments, it shows the person takes the trouble to really look.
          As for sepia ‘old style’ I will tone a print and see what happens. I have been using some Kodak brown toner I still have and made the digital representation match its colour (sometimes I just scan the print with my Canon 9950) All good fun…….


        • the ‘model’ impression may be caused by the apparent hardness of the light? This may be made more accentuated by the diminished size of viewing on the web – less graduation between the tones?
          I don’t know much about real photography but maybe dodging the background a little to give a ‘diminishing in the distance’ would add more scale.
          it all looks perfectly fine to me!

        • Thanks for the suggestions, I will go away and play for a while. If I come up with a result I’ll post.
          But you are right when it comes to the web; my problem is that I take photographs with a print in mind and the negatives don’t always scan well.


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