6 thoughts on “Husn Al Heem (Nakhal Fort) No2.

    1. No, I think I will just put it down to screen view as the silver gelatin print looks ok.
      On the first one I went from PC to laptop and thought there was the need for some change but….
      Hence the second one, which happens to be the crop I used on the print.


      1. Sorry, I wasn’t commenting about your picture as such, simply suggesting there might be an additional option – e.g sepia toning. Your image has that wonderful timeless quality reminiscent of images of the early 1900s.

        1. Ha – thank you because that feeling was and is what I quite often try for in my B&W film work.
          It was just a previous comment made by ‘mostlymonochrome’ that it looked like a model.
          Got me looking at it again (upside down and in a mirror – he was right ! ) so was thinking of ways to change the way it looked on the screen.
          I always like critical comments, it shows the person takes the trouble to really look.
          As for sepia ‘old style’ I will tone a print and see what happens. I have been using some Kodak brown toner I still have and made the digital representation match its colour (sometimes I just scan the print with my Canon 9950) All good fun…….


        2. the ‘model’ impression may be caused by the apparent hardness of the light? This may be made more accentuated by the diminished size of viewing on the web – less graduation between the tones?
          I don’t know much about real photography but maybe dodging the background a little to give a ‘diminishing in the distance’ would add more scale.
          it all looks perfectly fine to me!

        3. Thanks for the suggestions, I will go away and play for a while. If I come up with a result I’ll post.
          But you are right when it comes to the web; my problem is that I take photographs with a print in mind and the negatives don’t always scan well.


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