Wadi Bani Habib Village.

Jebel-Village-tonedAnother from the ‘Jebel Village’ series I am printing at the moment. (Nikon F4 – Ilford HP5 plus in D76 @ 1+3) Print on Ilford FB Matt & toned in brown toner.

Bani Habib Village Jebel Akhdar – there are remains of at least three villages along this stretch of wadi, with the fourth (newish) being further along on the right from where this image was made.

The village depicted, along with another unseen  on the left of this one, had prominence during the  Jebel Akhdar War in Oman between 1954-1959. Remains of 1950’s ammunition boxes can still be found; along with 303 rounds and other odd bits of detritus left over from that campaign.

9 thoughts on “Wadi Bani Habib Village.

  1. I think I’ve seen another picture of this community earlier. A very nice picture. I like the way the houses are tucked into the hills.

    1. Hi Shimon – yes you have, I am doing a printing session in the dark room of “Jebel Villages” (Brown toned) so use my computer to make a printing plan.
      Thought I would post the ‘new interpretations’ rather than them sit or get deleted from my computer.


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