7 thoughts on “Yemeni Style Jebel House.

  1. Great shot – I can’t tell if it is true of all of Oman, or is just your photographic eye, but my impression from your blog is that Oman houses are situated at the base of, or on the sides of, quite steep slopes. Like this one. The palm trees are a bonus though.

    1. When one gets away from the great metropolis (full modernity) most houses are built on tribe land which has been occupied for generations. Villages will be a mixture of the old, very old and new; seldom will a group move far from the original settlement. I have been to at least one totally deserted village that had not been used due a lack of water for many years, only to be re-occupied now that water can be transported easily.
      They just built new houses next to and in-between the old ruins. So the positioning was very much about water and a feeling of security, water being the prime consideration.
      The modern towns and villages are quite conventional, although on the edge of the desert; some tribes will move in the winter back to either the sands or hills.
      In the mountains it just comes down to water and a flat bit of rock.


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