15 thoughts on “Al Hazm No3.

  1. Ya got this one just right. I image getting everything right (exposure, light and angle of view) could be nerve racking and possibly frustrating.

    1. Thank you very much – exposure was my main concern as I wanted the ‘glow’ and yet not let the shadows get lost. Unfortunately I clipped the top of the arch and didn’t notice. I can see why Frederick H. Evans would take years before he got a final image he was happy with (do you know his work?)


      1. Ya know I was so intent on the feeling your image gave me that I didn’t notice.
        I didn’t recognize the name. But soon as I viewed his pictures I remembered his work. Thinking “I know this guy!” I am getting old. I used to stand infront of the class and rattle off the history of photography and those photogs that influenced us. Hmm…first the eyes go. then the memory.
        Oh well, Think about how hard it was to reach quality in Mr Evans time. Years? gosh.

        1. Dedication…. but some of the equipment was so primitive by today’s standards (makes us realise how lucky we are) yet the quality of work – fantastic !

          Ha eyes & memory “Sed fugit interea fugit irreparabile tempus” as Virgil said 🙂


  2. I find these type of shots rather fascinating – almost like an optical illusion. Hard to tell where the stairs are going or coming from.

    1. Its the lens: the Tokina has a way of compressing things that other lenses I have don’t. Maybe because it was based on a formula designed by cinematographers (it’s oldish, probably 1970’s).
      I have an image of rock detail that is almost 3d & when turned upside down everything pops out in 3d.


  3. Super sequence, this last my fave – the light shafting down at various points in the background. Doesn’t one get LOST in these places? I’d think apart from murder pits etc that was also a defensive plan.

    1. Thank you Liz,
      Mine as well, although all the angles needed careful checking in the view-finder (still got it slightly wrong and didn’t notice until I checked before posting) what with the door being a bit soft on another image. Hay-ho it was the heat…… 🙂


    1. Thanks Dave – despite the heat, it was a nice day out. Should have gone last weekend but turned around due temperature so determined not to do the same this time.


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