Cannon tower Al hazm fort.

Cannon tower Al hazm fortThis column has a lot of work put into the decoration for what is essentially a support.

Spent ages trying to get a position that would show both sides and centralise the arch: gave up !

12 thoughts on “Cannon tower Al hazm fort.

    1. Thanks Simon,
      I was very lucky with the side lighting so able to pick out the detail on what was almost white on white (mind you the dust and grime helped 🙂 )


    1. I was struck by the care taken with the decoration for what was essentially a cannon tower.
      The whole place has a rather subtle grandeur about it and I think the fortifications (although many & varied) were a ruse in some ways.


  1. Amazing! How BIG is this? Trying to put it into context. Are those other corridors dodging off behind it? Looks like its built on solid hacked up rock. Wonderful structure!

    1. A good size (15-20 foot across and probably as tall) the corridors are actually cannon ports with openings to run the guns out as would happen in old ships.
      I cannot imagine it all being used in anger as the noise reverberating round the tower must have been tremendous… a sight worth seeing I think 🙂


    1. 😉
      I was the only visitor all morning (Mad dogs & Englishmen comes to mind) so I had all the time in the world.
      There is very little space & I could not use a wider lens than 35mm otherwise distortion, so a compromise was needed.


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