Saqrah – Jebel Akhdar.

Saqrah - Jebel Akhdar

Saqrah - Jebel Akhdar 2

Saqrah - Jebel Akhdar 3Saqrah

Hidden village on Jebel Akhdar that gets a mention on my Ordinance Survey map of 1968/75 but not on the 1961/63 version.
Said to have been occupied for at least a 1000 years; the existing families giving their occupation at about 300/350 years.
It is only reached by a somewhat precipitous path from one side of the gorge to the other: supplies are taken over by a cable slung between both sides.

Note: the electricity poles – even in these remote areas, power has been recently supplied (at great cost I would imagine ) giving quite a transformation, from what must have been a very tough existence.

Remote places like this gave water and security, which was of paramount concern until the middle 70’s

7 thoughts on “Saqrah – Jebel Akhdar.

  1. Yup a nightmare. Can’t remember if I told you about the time he got lost, his radio broken. They finally made it ‘home’ to bait el falaj – my mother had spent nearly 3 days on the verandah staring at the Ruwi gate, waiting for a cloud of dust. When it came even the servants cheered.

    1. Many thanks – it is a place I only visit once in a while.
      The area was a restricted zone when I first came here (a legacy of the troubles in the 50’s & 70’s) and was dirt track going up over 6000ft, great fun for off road driving.
      Did my ‘off-road’ driving test there; this being my first glimpse of the hidden world of the (Jebel Akhdar ) Green Mountain .
      Now there are hotels being built and a hard-top road for the tourists (the locals got on well with the dirt track and infact it was safer as no one went very fast) but that’s progress.

  2. Fascinating and visibly quite GREEN. I’m not surprised it’s not on earlier maps my father told of travelling in the interior and having to rely on scouts or guides, not maps.

    1. It certainly deserves its name.
      There has been quite a lot of rain most evenings, making it very pleasant after Muscat; which is still rather warm & muggy.
      I know of a couple of villages that cannot be seen unless you are on top of them so to speak. No chance of aerial photography finding them, which was the only cost effective way these maps could be made. I have a couple from your father’s day and they were even less detailed – it must have been a nightmare while out on patrol.

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