20 thoughts on “Foggy day on Jebel Shams.

    1. Thanks – I must admit that the weather helped with this one, it had been cold and wet during the night. The sun coming up made for some interesting light.

    1. Thanks,
      One time when the darkroom work translates quite nicely into a screen version without me making threats about the computer taking flying lessons 🙂

  1. Very nice shot and beautifully composed. The duotone suits the foggy scene perfectly too. I always find nicely balanced images interesting. I look at them for a while and try to learn from them. And while it does help to have the right subject material – finding that balance between colour, texture and shapes is not always easy.

    1. Many thanks Vicki,
      It is an area at about 7000ft and always has good photographic prospects; especially after or in this case during the rain.

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