Old way marker.

Nikon F4, Nikkor 50mm f1.8 AFD lens on Ilford FP4

Not sure if this is an old Drovers’ way marker or a ‘Standing Stone’ that has been bypassed by the track.

From Wikipedia:
A drovers’ road, drove [road] or droveway is a route for moving livestock on foot from one place to another, such as to market or between summer and winter pasture Many drovers’ roads were ancient routes of unknown age; others are known to date back to medieval times

Converting an AF Nikkor lens for Nikon F/F2 metering.

AF Nikkor lens convertedHow to get an AF Nikkor 50mm f1.8 lens to engage with the metering system of a 1973 Nikon Ftn camera?
Easy ! If you can find the ‘Rabbits Ears’ as a spare part; a little difficult these days but not impossible, find a friendly camera repair shop.

Look at the F stop ring of most Nikon AF lenses (Pre ‘G’ type) there are two little dots at the f5.6 indication. These are where you will carefully drill two small holes, slightly smaller in diameter than the screws that should have come with the Rabbits Ears. They must be deep enough for the screws to be flush with the top of the ears pedestal, but no more…….. care is needed here ! I used some tape on the drill as an indication of the depth required and held the drill bit in my hand, not in any form of drilling machine.
Fit the Ears by placing a very small amount of contact adhesive on the base of the pedestal, then position with the step facing towards the front of the lens. The adhesive is only really needed so that fitting each screw is a little less fiddly; avoid over tightening these screws as they will have cut their own thread (if you got the diameter right) if not – don’t panic as a small amount of adhesive on the thread of each screw will take up the slack; but leave to dry for at least 24 hours before using the lens.

Voilà – an AF lens metering with an F & F2 camera system.


Arch with Door – Ruins.

Door in ArchRuins.

This was made on a visit to a very dilapidated building – all the plaster was very crumbly & turned sandy if touched.
Anywhere else & I would never have been allowed in; for safety reasons (read  ‘jobs worth’). But this is Oman ! so coffee & dates and polite conversation with the custodian, along with an explanation that I wanted photographs before it fell-down completely  🙂