Arch with Door – Ruins.

Door in ArchRuins.

This was made on a visit to a very dilapidated building – all the plaster was very crumbly & turned sandy if touched.
Anywhere else & I would never have been allowed in; for safety reasons (read  ‘jobs worth’). But this is Oman ! so coffee & dates and polite conversation with the custodian, along with an explanation that I wanted photographs before it fell-down completely  🙂

2 thoughts on “Arch with Door – Ruins.

    1. I am not sure…. certainly would expect documentation on the ones that they refurbish (rebuild…) but the more obscure and out of the way places, probably not.
      A retirement project that my wife and I intend, is a book of Oman images – there don’t seem many B&W collections published.


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