14 thoughts on “Three Pots.

    1. Appreciate your comment Louis – one of those images when lighting and time of day all come together; more so as I am only just getting to grips with the Fuji.


  1. David, your images are special. You handle the selection, viewpoint and composition like a master and they are a class above so many of the blogs that I visit. Visiting here is a joy. It would be tedious of me to go through and leave a ‘like’ on every single work of art…..so forgive me that. Just be safe as you travel and record that wonderful country.

        1. Actually Muscat for instance, is one of the safest cities I have ever lived in. There are outside influences which desire to not make it so, but they are few and far between.
          A certain degree of caution and common sense (which with the newer type of tourist is sadly lacking in some instances) ho & sweets for the children when in the more out of the way places 🙂 all helps. Its also advantageous that the Sultan is held in such high esteem.


  2. Am constantly fascinated at the emptiness of the places you photograph. ARE they empty? Do they have custodians? Or are they just THERE.

    1. Ha,
      I go early & in most cases have talked to the custodians at a lot of the tourist attractions, take coffee/dates and am then left on my own sometimes out of hours.
      The other places are mostly off the beaten track and so other than the occasional local – no one.
      Then again it could just be a defect in my character that makes me take that type of picture 🙂


      1. Keep up dates and coffee! Defect?! Blimey without it you’d not take these incredible atmospheric pix…loved this one. Must be so incredible to just “have the place” to yourself.

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