4 thoughts on “Hanging clasp.

    1. I often wonder how long these places have been abandoned – the Musandam is the same with whole villages that look as if they have just been left.
      I think most of it happened in the early 70’s when HM arrived.


      1. I hate to ask by WHY when HM arrived? Was there a sudden surge of newer more modern places to live? The city vs the country etc. Quite extraordinary that they remain untouched…and what a treasure store – I mean for your camera.

        1. There was and still is, a concerted effort for modernisation.
          One of the first things was health clinics then schools, roads, electricity, social housing (council houses) and a guarantee of electricity for even the remotest of houses.
          Now it’s education & employment…… along with tourism as a diversification from oil & gas.
          Also, as there is a plot of free land for a house, given to every adult if they wish to take it, most upped sticks & moved.

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