Reuse of Umm an-Nar tombs – Necropolis of Bat.

Tombs near Bat No2For anyone interested in a little bit of information about the latest archaeological research regarding the Necropolis of Bat, of which the two tombs depicted above are part. See the link below:
Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies 45 (2015): Stephanie Döpper.

Click the above link & click again on the new page – it will open a pdf file.

She discusses the reuse of Umm an-Nar tombs in the area and some of the interesting finds being made.

6 thoughts on “Reuse of Umm an-Nar tombs – Necropolis of Bat.

  1. Was Oman as green as the Sahara back in Iron Age? Just wondered. Sad little skeleton and implication of cause of death. Thanks for all that.

    1. Certainly a lost less arid than now – looking at what is being found it seems to indicate constant environmental change (all be it over hundreds of years) the Bat area seems to have been very fertile.
      Salut for instance has a long history of agriculture, although a weakening of the summer monsoons in the late Bronze-age/early Iron-age tended to make large changes in settlement areas. This was also when vertical supply systems like wells and later aflaj systems were introduced.


      1. A staggering water supply system…I believe way back then over in now Iran they were so sophisticated they had giant screws to force water through…amazing. Also had to add, good comments on my poem plus yr photo – one on the ball person remarked on yr name re lonely lock hanging from wooden beam – a message there?!

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