Failed – Devil’s Finger…….

A nice walk, unsuccessful in getting onto Devil’s Finger – yet again…..

The problem is; finding a route that gets onto the final ridge, without several descents & the inevitable climb-out of the many gorges that criss-cross the approach.
Google Earth is hopeless for this sort of thing and my O/S maps are not of the right scale (even worse for the SAS during the 50’s campaign) they had old style topographical maps (some copies of which I have) they used shades of colour to denote altitude. Aerial photography was nearly as bad as Google Earth.
Locals just think I am mad – “why do you want to go there? it’s just a rock”  But….. may have found someone who says he knows the way – we shall see!

The weather was good and the walk interesting from a historical point of view. It became obvious that there had been some sort of combat (1950’s) which took place over a large area of the route. Lots of 500Ib bomb fragments and at least one .303 ammunition box: all found without much effort looking.

One way of passing a long weekend !!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Failed – Devil’s Finger…….

    1. Actually with the right kit and someone knowing where you are going, it is probably safer than most places in UK apart from the depths of Scotland.
      Certainly the isolated villages & hamlets are always welcoming; especially when they know one is from UK.
      I am not always alone though, there are two other good friends who will accompany me on a number of occasions.
      My Wife & Daughter when not in England are also found with boots on 🙂


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