7 thoughts on “Where does this go ?

        1. Some of these old buildings have still got a lot of abandoned household items. I have come across furniture, clothes, cooking utensils, books, maps & once I found an intricately woven basket. It was very difficult not taking it ……… only the thought that it had probably been there for 60 or 70 years untouched: theft is theft no matter how old it was ! There is a picture of it somewhere on my website.


        2. I like to hear about your caring side; others wouldn’t have such scruples. Do these abandoned buildings belong to anyone?

        3. Thank you – it has always been a policy of mine ‘Touch nothing & take nothing’ although I have taken the odd bit of fossilised tree from the desert sands. Not often that one is able to hold tree that is in excess of 45 million years old ! and will get re-covered by the sands in a very short time.
          In answer to the question – yes & no: they belong to the tribe or distant relatives so are in most cases treated as communal property. For very old places it tends to be that it must have belonged to somebody so leave it alone – sadly this thinking is diminishing with the onset of modernity.


        4. Yes, I agree, re the tree’s age, and the rocks too. I understand re the property. It makes sense, but often people do leave buildings, especially if they’re moving somewhere else.

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