Derelict buildings.

Derelict building that now no longer exists in its present form: it has been almost completely knocked down & rebuilt as part of the ‘old buildings & castles, refurbishment programme’ here in Oman.
One of those places that needed care when entering as each time I visited; it was more dilapidated and definitely unsafe.
Sand, dust, cobwebs, fallen plaster and precarious floor supports.

Nikon F4 – T-Max 400 pushed to ISO 1000.

4 thoughts on “Derelict buildings.

  1. Very nice work. At least some of the history still stands. Here in the USA derelict buildings are torn down an asphalt and a walmart take there place. My wife worked and lived in Oman for several years. So it’s nice to see some of the same sights she might have seen or even visited. Regards, Marks

    1. All gone now !
      I would get “enta magnoon kbeer” from the custodian if he was there during my visit – it basically means You are very crazy 🙂
      But he would let me in anyway…….


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