Blocked Door.

Blocked-doorNikon 35Ti on Kodak T-max 400.

The village this was made at, has not been occupied for around 40 years.
I have no idea why or how this trunk got placed in front of a door that leads into a very derelict building.

8 Comments on “Blocked Door.

  1. Wonderful image, David. A nice surprise to find the trunk placed there – it really adds to the composition and contrasting textures.

    • Thanks Jane,
      T-max 400 if done in Microdol-x is a great combination for this sort of image…. just need to get the lighting right: early morning side light πŸ™‚

      • I had forgotten that you shoot film, David. I just revisited your About page. For digital, I also use a D800 but left the film world years ago. I love your work.

        • I was forced into digital when colour chemicals (E6 & C41) became almost impossible to find here in Oman.
          Got the D200 and decided that it was just a different method of capture; figured out how to make digital negatives…… πŸ™‚
          I could then justify the D800 and I must admit it is a lovely forgiving camera.
          But film is always my first option when doing B&W work.
          Much appreciate your comment on my photographs.

  2. There’s so much texture in old buildings in Oman. Must be an absolute delight when the shadows make great B & W images. That piece of wood reminds me of weatherworn driftwood down at the beach.

    • The only down side is very early starts 😎
      The log was very large and although completely dried out – still very heavy.


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