Two stones.

Two-stonesNikon 35Ti: made on Ilford Xp2.

Each man has his own preferences:
All things seek their own companions.
I have come to fear that the world of youth
Has no room for one with long white hair.
I turn my head and ask a pair of stones:
“Can you be companions for an old man?”
Although the stones cannot speak.
They agree that we three shall be friends.

From a poem by Bai Juyi: 772–846, Chinese poet.

I posted a similar photograph of these two stones some time back: but with the big stone turned the other way. I prefer this one as it’s how I found them.

Fishermen shacks Masirah

Fishermen shacks MasirahNikon 35Ti – Tmax 100

Fishermen shacks Masirah Island.

Walk along most of the beaches in Masirah and eventually you will come across these shacks built of anything that can be scrounged; either from the sea or abandoned by the military.

It can be quite interesting rummaging around, looking at what has been used – oil drums filled with sand were quite popular after the departure of the RAF in the early 70’s.

I remember a rather large pile of abandoned materials disappearing within less than 24 hours after our American colleagues  left,  at the end of the ‘first Gulf War’ .

Mind you I did get rather a lot of ‘MREs’ or (meals rejected by Ethiopians) so should not be that critical of the local fishermen.  🙂