10 thoughts on “Another adventure beckons.

  1. wow! that is just amazing and beautiful! i love it! thank you for something so beautiful!

  2. This image looks like a doorway into a secret garden. I’m amazed that you can find so many interesting details to find in such a relatively barren landscape. It truly is a unique place.

    1. Actually Oman has mountains, green pasture (like Yorkshire) & vast open desert, always interesting places if your willing to look for them. I have lots of old maps going back to the 60’s (military ordinance survey) People just gave them to me with “they are out of date and we now have GPSs” but for me, are perfect. They show all sorts of forgotten detail.

    1. 🙂
      There is another village on this journey that I intended visiting this last week: work got in the way.
      It will wait until I get back in the New Year.

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